How To Beat The Competition and Find Your Next Job |Trevor Churchley

Trevor Churchley

Apr 07,2020

Trevor Churchley

Searching for a job is a difficult process for many of us. There are so many different ways in today’s market to look for a job that finding the one that’s best for you can be almost impossible. These methods include;

  • Job Ads
  • Job Boards
  • Employer Ads
  • Linkedin

Because of this, understanding the correct way to job search has become more important than ever.

The first thing you should consider when starting to look for a new job is;

Developing Soft Skills

These skills range from working on your interview technique, elevator pitch, job search ability, personal networking, and communication. 

So what can I do to find my next job?

One of the best ways to go about this is;

  1. Through the use of your personal network

If you have been working in a job for 10-15 years, and suddenly you find yourself without that job, the default for most of us is to go back to the old ways of finding work. For example, if the last workplace was found through, often we will try that again.

The problem is that these days finding a job in the job market has become a Practise of Probability. This is because there is so much activity in the job market, but what many of us don’t consider is that we can;

  • Reconnect to our network

During your 10 years at your old job, you had been making professional connections whether you were aware of it or not. Many of us don’t even consider talking to our old friends from work about potential new employment, but there are many benefits.

On top of the obvious “in” it gets you, there are other advantages;

  1. You wouldn’t be having to trust that the job advertisement is a correct depiction on the offered role
  2. You wouldn’t have to trust the application reviewers

You would be working with a trusted network of people, who will give you honest answers about:

  • The job
  • The culture
  • The organization

And everything else surrounding that job. So reconnecting with your network can have some great advantages when it comes to finding your dream job.

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