How Your Ways Of Being Affect Your Performance | Ashkan Tashvir

Ashkan Tashvir

Apr 15,2020

Ashkan Tashvir
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Why should we be working on our Being?

Well the simple answer is that our ways of Being is how we participate in life.

It’s how we live our lives, it’s how we contribute into society, into our lives, into our future.

And it is these ways of being that ultimately lead us to produce something or not in our lives.

So what are these ways of being, and how they affect our lives?

  • Freedom

The ability to see the possibilities out there in the world, and use them. All entrepreneurs that have been successful in their business lives have been so because they understand the importance of finding opportunities, and exploiting them.  

  • Authenticity

This is all about being who you are without filtering yourself. 

Maybe you are the one who could cure that disease when no one else could.

Maybe you are the one who could invent that particular device that no one else could.

Maybe you are the one who could sing that song that no one else could.

To be truly powerful and successful, we need to learn how to be authentic. Not creating a persona, or creating a puppet, we need to be ourselves. 

This inauthenticity in business can be very costly. If the leaders are not being authentic in the ways they operate, it will rub off on the brand. Eventually the market of that brand will sense that authenticity, and the business will suffer.

  • Responsibility

If a person’s responsibility is low, you can expect them to victimize themselves in the majority of cases. A business leader might blame their shortcomings entirely on external factors.

A leader with a higher level of responsibility would acknowledge the situation, and try to find a way to fix the situation and control the outcome.

What are the consequences of not working on our Being?

Three words: Lack Of Performance. This means;

We are not performing in life

We are not living our lives

If you want to be a successful leader, you must have a high level of Integrity, Responsibility, Empowerment, Authenticity, and Freedom.

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