The Benefits of Prototyping | Mitchell Feros

Mitch Feros

Apr 07,2020

Mitch Feros

Risk mitigation is a BIG thing when it comes to developing a product, not only that but iterating your development can be the difference between failure and success. 

So how can we minimize the risk of failure, and maximize the success of your product before launch? The answer is PROTOTYPING

During the prototyping phase, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. There are lines and lines of code, and each line has its own meaning. This is why just going ahead and building “what’s in your head” does not work. There are millions of steps that you need to first consider with your prototype before building your product, and if any of these are wrong, it can be very costly to fix. 

The prototype lets you design each step of the process and make sure that each of these steps is designed exactly how your customers want.


  1. Allows your customers to test your product and all of its features
  2. Grants you a chance to redesign your product’s features to fit with what your customers want

Your prototype doesn’t need to be flashy, it just needs to allude to what you are trying to achieve!

At the end of the day, you are building your product FOR your customers. Getting this feedback from your customers will tell you how to make it useful for solving their needs. 

Your customers will give you feedback on features that you haven’t even thought of, and if you have skipped this prototype phase, the value of your product will be decreased. This will not only cost you thousands of dollars in sales, but also it will be very expensive to implement these new features down the line after full release.

About the Creator

Mitch Feros is the cofounder of Eliigo.