What Do Investors Want To See? | Samuel Hamrosi

Samuel Hamrosi

Apr 21,2020

Samuel Hamrosi
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What is the most effective way to get investors on board?

What do they want to see?

If you want to appeal to investors, and effectively raise capital for your business, there are a few things that you can do

  • Look at what the concerns are for them

What are the things that they look for that are important?

You really want to clearly understand:

What their concerns are

What their objectives are

You want to “get inside their world”, and really understand what is going on for them as an investor. You want to address those points.

  • Sympathise with them

Connect with the investor, and get an understanding of WHAT THEY ARE OUT TO ACHIEVE. Once you have this, you can pitch the best solution to them which tackles these desires.

They key things that investors look for

Risk to Reward Ratio

How much upside is there?

Over what period of time?

What is the percentage potential of a loss occurring?

What are the stop-losses that are in place for the investment?

  • It’s all about being of service

When talking to an investor, the best thing that you can do as an entrepreneur is to take their concerns as your own. Really understanding what your investor wants to achieve, and trying to solve this for them is the most effective strategy that any business owner can adopt.

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Over the past 19 years, Samuel has founded and/or invested in six businesses and non-profit organisations, the most recent being Kingdom Developments and Humanitix. He grew up in Melbourne, briefly studied and lived in the US then, moved to Japan for seven years before settling in Sydney. Within Kingdom, He manages the investor relations teams across Australia, Japan, India, Mexico and Singapore. About Kingdom Developments: 15+ property development projects in progress 100+ investors across our 15 projects $400M+ of property in the pipeline 35+ consultants In essence, Kingdom is an investors access to lucrative property development opportunities in Australia. Samuel's Other Social Passions: Humanitix | www.humanitix.com As part of his love for efficiency and having humanity win, he funded a ticketing NPO which turns profits from ticketing booking fees into donations to charities in the kids education space both locally and internationally. He has now also been granted $1M from Google and $1M from Atlassian and is on a trajectory to donate in excess of $100M to charities over the coming decades. Future You Unleashed | www.futureyouunleashed.com The founding of Future You Unleashed, came from a desire to create an access for high schoolers to unearth their purpose/obsession and discover how to create a whole life centred around it. The live event has a wide range of extraordinary speakers sharing their journey of discovering.